One suspect who is said to be another associate of Makandure Madush deported from Dubai arrested after questioning

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One person arrested with Makandure Madush in Dubai and deported to Sri Lanka has been arrested by the Criminal Investigation Department following hours of interrogation. Police Media Spokesperson stated that two more persons who were arrested with Makandure Madush at his party in Dubai was deported to Sri Lanka recently.

They were taken into the custody of the CID and intelligence officers for questioning when they landed at the Bandaranaike International Airport last morning. The arrested persons are a Mohammed Nazim Mohammed Faizer and a Mohomed Jabeer Mohomed Mufa.

Interrogation of Mohammed Nazim Mohammed Faizer concluded a and was arrested by the CID. He is currently at the Colombo Crimes Division for further investigations.

‘Makandure Madush’ was arrested along with many other Sri Lankans including celebrities at a party, which involved drugs, in a joint operation carried out by law enforcement officers from both Sri Lanka and Dubai.

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