Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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The Fuel quota for all vehicles to be doubled from the 31st of May

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The weekly fuel quota assigned through the National Fuel Pass QR System has been doubled. Minister of Power and Energy Kanchana Wijesekera said the new quotas will be in effect from midnight on Tuesday. According to the Subject Minister, the original weekly fuel allocation for cars and vans which was 20 litres and then increased to 30 litres during the April festive period will be increased to 40 litres from next week. The fuel quota for motorcycles which was initially 4 litres and revised to 7 litres will be increased to 14 litres. Registered three-wheelers that received 10 litres initially and 15 litres since April will be able to obtain 22 litres per week. The fuel quota of five litres which was given to other three-wheelers has been increased to 14 litres. Meanwhile, buses which were given 40 litres initially and then 60 litreswill be able to obtain 125 litres for a week from midnight on Tuesday. Allocation for Lorries has been increased to 125 litres from the initial quota of 50 litres while special purpose vehicles will receive a weekly quota of 45 litres from next week.

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