Nikini Full Moon Poya day falls today

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Today is Nikini Full Moon Poya day. Nikini Poya is the second Poya in the Vas season and falls during August. Nikini Poya marks the first Dhamma Sangayana of Buddhist monks.


Nikini Full Moon Poya Day is celebrated centering four important occurrences in Buddhist history.


Attainment of Arahatship by  Buddha’s chief attendant, Ananda Maha Thera, commencement of the first Dhamma Sangayana, convocation to settle the Buddhist canon and Pasu Vas or the commencement of the Vas period by those who had not started the period of sojourn on the Esala Full Moon Day, are some of them.


The final Randoil perahera of the Temple of the Tooth Relic in Kandy will parade the streets today. The ‘Randoli Perahera’ paraded the streets of Kandy from the 7th of August. Following the Randoli procession, the Esala festivities will conclude tomorrow following the day procession. The ‘Kumbal Perahera’ paraded the streets for five days till the 6th of August while the ‘Randoli Perahera’ paraded the streets of Kandy for five days. The Sacred Tooth Relic will be taken to the Asgiriya Gedige Viharaya following the Grand Randoli procession.

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