Travel restrictions extended until the 7th of next month

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Travel restrictions have been extended up to the 7th of next month. The government has decided to allow people to purchase essential goods on 25th, 31st and 4th of next month. Army Commander General Shavendra Silva said that travel restrictions will be relaxed at 4.00 am tomorrow and it will be imposed again at 11.00 pm.


Taking part in the media briefing minister Johnston Fernando emphasized that the government has not taken any decision to stop productions of farmer communities. The farmers should continue with their productions for which the government will provide all necessary facilities.  He said that steps will be taken to sell produce of farmers continuously through mobile services.


Minister Prasanna Ranathunga said that arrival of passengers by air lines has been suspended and it will be effective until 31st of this month.  Only retail shops, pharmacies, meat, fish, fruit stalls and Bakery product outlets can be kept open tomorrow. Textile shops cannot be opened.


DIG Ajith Rohana taking part in the media briefing requested the public to minimize vehicle use tomorrow and to visit the nearest trade stall to purchase essential goods. He has requested the public not to travel by misusing vehicle permits.

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