The President has vested with the public a middle income housing project at Mulleriyawa, Mandawila

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The middle income housing project at Mulleriyawa, Mandawila was vested with the public yesterday, under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena. The president said that, the programme to provide a secured house with basic facilities for each family in the country was successful as the housing projects were implemented under a national plan. The target group of the project was the professionals who are working in the main city of the country. Bank loan facilities have been provided to them to purchase houses.

Speaking on the occasion minister Patalie Champika Ranawaka said that, an aesthetic village would be built in Piliyandala under the Chinese government assistance.

MP S.M.Marikkar said that, government has given 2.3 billion rupees to the people affected by floods in Kolonnawa.

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